How to Decide Whether Some Online Casino Bonus Is Worth Your Effort

Falling in love with online casino games is obvious as they are so intriguing, engaging and offer attractive bonuses. Right? The reason behind it is quite obvious and that is they are made with the sole purpose of getting your attention, taking you to their site and making you their regular player. In order to achieve that, they take the support of their best and time-tested tactic -online casino bonus. If you check out the scores of players playing and betting in casino games, you will know that this tactic works like a charm for them.

In case you are wondering whether or not these casino bonuses worth your effort, keep the reading continue as there is no one line answer to this question.

First of all, understand the concept of bonus

Before moving ahead into accepting any bonus that comes on your screen while playing online casino, you should have a good understanding of rules, terms and conditions that apply for the bonus. There are various terminologies or say concepts such as wagering requirements, wagering percentage and house edge.

Wagering Requirement

It can be defined as the number of times you need to wager the bonus you’ve got before withdrawing it. It is highly variable as it varies with bonuses and every casino as well.

But, usually, it is 35 times the bonus, plus your deposit for most of the time. The number of times can be higher or lower as every casino has different rules, different types of bonuses and different wagering requirements.

Wagering Percentage

This entity indicates how much a specific casino game contributes towards completing or fulfilling the wagering requirement.

Luckily, all online casino games are not the same. You can find online casino games which contribute much more than their competitors.

House Edge

Always keep in mind that all online casino games are made to make money and profit for their casino only. There is no chance that they are working for your profits. Casinos won’t even exist if they weren’t profitable.

However, there is an ambit of online casino games which contribute more profitability than others. So, if you are concerned about time, money and efforts, try to avoid these kinds of games. Instead, play games which have low house edge as there you will have more chances of fulfilling wagering requirements and cashing out the bonus.

So, to know whether or not online bonuses work for you, here I am sharing both sides and leaving the decision to you.

Suppose, you fell for a huge bonus such as $1000, you accept it and started playing and then you realize that you will need to wager $50,000 or $80,000 before you can withdraw it.

Is it really reasonable? Of course, not! That much huge win will not happen so easily.

Now consider another scenario in which you are getting a 100% bonus and the wagering amount is only 10x. You can easily bet $100 for the wagering requirement of $1000.

This is totally acceptable and reasonable too. So, check out all terms and conditions and then decide whether or not to accept it. The choice is all yours!!

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